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Musical instrument tuition in schools

We provide the opportunity for anyone of any age to learn to play a musical instrument or to improve their existing skills and to make music with others.


What we do

Working in the City of York and across surrounding areas of Yorkshire, we  want everyone to be able to experience the benefits of playing a musical instrument; team work and social skills, concentration and self-discipline, self-esteem and creativity.…..and fun!

Our speciality is providing lessons and musical activities for young people with guidance from our fantastic tutor team. You can even hire an instrument through us.

So if you’d like to arrange instrument lessons for your child then click on the 'Sign Up' button for more information and let's get started!

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We also provide exciting opportunities for everyone to make music in bands and ensembles through York Music Forum and York Jazz Initiative.


York Music Forum

The Place To Be Heard!

A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience
York Music Forum provides a range of high quality ensembles for young people  including concert bands, choirs and jazz ensembles with professional tutors.  We perform regular concerts and even tour in Europe!

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York Jazz Initiative

Jazz Education

York Jazz Initiative provides jazz education for adults in the local community for musicians of all abilities.  You can choose from a small jazz combo, big as well as a jazz choir plus you can get individual jazz tuition. There are regular performance opportunities at our regular Jazz Lounge events.

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