Terms and Conditions – Lessons in school

What if group lessons cannot be provided?

If group lessons cannot be provided, we will honour the charge you requested for the first term. After this, the charge will revert to that for an individual 20-minute lesson.

How many lessons will I receive?

You will weekly lessons wherever possible, in line with the school’s calendar.

What if a lesson is missed?

If the child misses a lesson but the tutor is present, then we are unable to waive the fee. In the case of a longer-term illness, then we may be able to waive the fee if you contact us in sufficient time. It may be possible for the tutor to rearrange their schedule, or to have a ‘double’ lesson in the future.

If a pupil misses a lesson because of school INSET day or school trip, we will try to make this up, but cannot always guarantee that this will be possible.

If the tutor is ill, and is unable to rearrange the lesson, or arrange for another tutor to cover it, then a refund will be organised at the end of the year.

What if I want to give up?

You will not be able to terminate the contract during the first 3 months. After this, the following will apply:
You can terminate lessons at any time with a minimum of three week’s notice. You can terminate lessons if a child moves schools to one where York Music Service Ltd. does not operate. Six week’s notice is required in these circumstances.

Terms and Conditions – York Music Forum

How is payment made?

Payment for each full term (by direct debit or invoice) will be taken at the start of term.

How many sessions will my child attend?

This will usually be 10 or 11 each term. Dates will be published on our webpages along with the cost for each term.

What if we start mid-term?

If you start during the first half term, the full term fee will apply. If you start after half term, then the fee will be reduced by 50%

What if my child cannot attend a session?

We are unable to make refunds for any missed sessions.

What if my child wants to give up?

Let us know immediately so that we do not take payment for the following term. Unfortunately we cannot refund any fees.
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