Where and when will lessons happen?

Lessons will usually happen at school during school time.

In secondary schools, tutors arrange for lessons to rotate, so that students won’t miss the same lesson all the time. Lesson times will be displayed on the music notice board. In primary schools, the school will decide whether a rota or fixed times for lessons is the best.

Apart from drum kit and piano, you will also need to get your instrument and music to school.

What if group lessons cannot be provided?

If there are not enough pupils at the same level, we will provide the next lowest group size, i.e. a group of 4 might become a group of two and we will honour the charge you requested for the first term, or half term (depending when lessons start). After this, the charge will revert to the next fee level down.

If you choose a group of 2 lesson, but end up having to have an individual lesson, we will honour the charge you requested for the first term, or half term (depending when lessons start). After this, the charge will revert to an individual 20-minute lesson.

How many lessons will I receive?

You will receive approximately 36 lessons over the year. If a term is less than 10 weeks, the additional lessons will roll over into the next term’s allocation.

Are there any additional costs?

Your tutor will tell you what book(s) you will need.
You will also need to provide other accessories such as reeds, strings or footstools if these are required.

If you decide to take an exam, there will be an additional cost not only for the music, but also for the entry fee, and possibly a fee for an accompanist too.

Can I take exams?

Not all pupils wish to take exams, but if you do, and your tutor is able to accommodate this request, he or she will advise you on which grade and exam board would be best for you, and will make the entry on your behalf.

Please note, the times and dates of examinations are not in the control of the tutor. You need to know that you will be available during the whole of a particular exam period, as appointments cannot be changed, and your exam fee will not be refunded if you are unable to make your appointment.

How long should I practise?

Your tutor will advise how long to practise. For a beginner this is usually 10-15 minutes, 5 times a week. Times increase as the player improves.

Your tutor will also advise you what to practise, and how.
There is also plenty of advice available on the internet on how to practise properly: