Feel free to download any of the resources or articles on this page. There are excellent guides and articles written by our teaching staff.
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Speedshifter allows you to vary the speed of audio from CD or MP3 without altering the pitch, so that you can practise slowly and build up your speed.
Music Industries Association guide to buying musical instruments
Things to know about your lessons in Secondary School.
Top tips to improve how you practice.
What instrument should I play?
Care and maintenance of wind and brass instruments.
A guide to ABRSM music exams by Clara Taylor - Chief Examiner.
Some words about taking Grade exams from YMS.
Scale and arpeggio practice for jazz players.
Patterns to use around the most used progression in Jazz.
A guide to using the free Soundplant music software - by Tim Brooks, music consultant.
A beginner's guide to Audacity music software - by Tim Brooks, music consultant.